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The Open Affairs EP

by Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils

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At The Top 03:27
Verse 1
 I tell'em 3x 
See I'm - biggest in the spotlight and its hot right/
People be judging cause the gavel never bangs light/
I'm never sluggish but I haven't hit the speed of light/
And everybody's saying stuff that isn't seeming right/
But still I'm on it - its all about my piece of pie/
I'm still earning on this journey its my reason why/
I put the work in, underground search sky/
Doing so much vocabulary doesn't know of try/
I just did it, kicking quicker than a Bruce Li - new guy - raising up the bar on you barflies/
See the game thru the smoke and my shrinking eyes/ 
Patiently climbing to the heights that I fantasize/
...A growing new enterprise,  who sick with the fundamentals and ready for incidentals/
I keep a line on the paper without a pencil - future looking positive cause the negative been thru - yup [Chorus] 
Now I been moving homie what could they say/ 
got my own lane and I pull my own weight/
when we at the top what these haters gon say/
When we, when we at the top we don't care what they say/
Living never tripping over nothing always - doing what I wanna you should live the same way/
When we at the top what these haters gon say/ 
when we, when we at the top we don't care what they say/ Verse 2 
Fell in love with the limelight, calling and responding - consciously progressing haters move without a conscience/
Getting loose with the verbals we'll start stiff/
I'm losing sleep on no one and keep the hard hits/
The brain depth is deeper than tar pits/ 
I'm thinking on the move and I hard to get smart quick/
I'm careful where I'm stepping I'm loving I don't trip, steady grinding with a purpose for winning I'm well fit/
There ain't a purchase I'm hustling for pimp, only if it take a nigga the heights that he gon sit/
I revel in the reaches I previously couldn't get/
staying hotter then the beaches I'm winning what you expect/
I'm in yo houses like sugar so you respect, 
Playing at the peak I'm just giving niggas my best/
There's no comparing him he has risen amongst the rest/ 
Match up do ya job, at best/ [Chorus]
Fascination 03:16
Verse 1 I remember them days/ smoking and spittin' craze with no technical style, used to let off and blaze/ Raps a razor, delivery never waiting, the weights'll phase ya depend on the situation/ My pen and pad more armed then a station, swinging those clubs I'm something like a caveman/ I'm in position like placement, And playing well while the well wishers hate this/ Im East Egg on these emcees staying above, no love for the other side saying what up/ The last leg chase victory in a run, Rap's gun for you sucka guys playing it tough/ …Do you know what this is?, I'm different from this but the allure captivates like its pulling the kid/ I don't know what it is but I'm down to roll/ This is wild as hell, I'm bout to go/ [Chorus] Seeing all the scenes/ The whole thing done and there is a fact/ Far as I go/ It be pulling me back/ Caught in the allure of it, getting it raw and being the mack/ Far as I go/ It be pulling me back/ Verse 2 Cause I don't even know what attracts me, allure keeps happening, guess i gotta question the pace/ I gotta know it all now, before it goes down, man…. more brief than a case/ Cooking like pans and it feels familiar/ Life's sharp only takes a second to kill ya, down low knowledge too easy to build up, try to stay away, but the feeling will fill ya/ keep it like stacks/  the minutes all pass, looking like an outsider trying to get a match/ put up all the truth that I'm going on blast/ Truth's like a plane i know that it won't crash/ see my - Altitude is the facts i use/ game got hoes on - a switch was moved/ the attraction is strong like a magnet tool/ pull me deep inside like a girl would do/ [Chorus]
World Wide 03:07
Verse 1 When you think of me, make it big, major size tho/ Titan of the industry, kicking quick as Tae Bo/ Stretching all the talents I've been given on a cycle/ Lyricism lethal killing fan like Michael, Myers when I'm wrecking/ gutsy as indigestion I been running this side so thorough there ain't a question/ Flash on 'em baby, give the juice I fill the cup up like a bra sexy what's your excuse?/ what i'm livings prolific/ spittin' that affliction, rolling up the charts got a name to top the list with/ Turning fool types off the thrill of the mission/ City wide daps living off the recognition, if you ever knew about it/ Like it and love/ Got a dream car waiting and I fit like a glove/ The divine emcee, I ain't fall from above/ My name dot com you should hit the shit up/ [Chorus] We gon make a classic/ burning like it's acid take it worldwide (worldwide) Yea thats it/ Something for the folks, all my people on the corner/ Out and getting mine/ biggest of the owners/ 2x Verse 2 Aim a line at ya neck when i'm squeezing it off/ Plus you can get caught, I ain't shooting at all, see I'ma - head banger, original lead slanger/ No gunplay my lyrics are sledgehammers/ Call the platoons now i'm ready to move/ Pen scarring up the paper with a bevy of cool/ etch mystery in all, draw attention to clues/ mack status by the dozens as they stay in the ruse/ Elegant - Intelligence, I should start selling this/ Once in a lifetime feeling like a president/ Taking shoes off just to ride no embellishing/ play the G Card through the highs and questioning/ …Accelerated the prize, No settling/ Doctor of the game offering the best medicine/ Call it what you like, eyes lit up with stars I'm no actor Top notch playing my part/ [Chorus]
Verse 1 Now i ain't gotta preach/ Cuz you see what the deal is and it's rampant in the streets, reach out yo hands and feel it/ The criminals are lurking, sizing up my person, doubt is so unreasonable you need to get to working/ It's that soap box blurting/ I go until it's curtains/ And shifty politicians make the call til they desert it/ Aggressive to degrees they say is way over assertive/ I think my message hitting, for them they getting nervous/ If honesty is sinning, then the truth will be unheard of/ Obstacle for many while i hop it like a hurdle/ Tree of Revolution till the ground until its fertile - got the kids everyday - getting suspended like an urkel. Need to make a change/ Expensive as a range/ The penalties are high/ Same altitude as planes, Man the future looking darker/ We gotta get it clearer/ I'm on that Michael Jackson checking hat man in the mirror/ [Chorus] ….And I ain't gotta preach on a song/ You know it's on…Yea!/ Now i'ma lay it out for ya, never telling if its right or its wrong/ cuz I ain't gotta preach on a song/ 2x Verse 2 (Relic) aright check it… my objective is to take your imagination away, slice out some mental clay and see how far i could stretch it changing the shape of things to come for you and your young with far fetched outlandish unorthodox methods of course they get vexed with, each step that I invested and doubly so, coming to know I'm well rested got self respect kid and like a gucci track suit….dude, I can't afford to sweat it ey yo, imagine REL clothed in camel hair robes.. at the road side unshaven and upbraiding these guys with spit showers and some most high flows, I'm baptizing, stay brazen my bro with a side order of deep fried super sized locust to go I met wild honeys in the jam they dig the butters I wrote you know It ain't that I can't, and it's not that I won't but leave the preaching for the prophets and these emcees alone [Chorus]
Round Rock 02:57
Verse 1 Textbook game, on the rim goon' hang, play the court by the shots got 'em screaming out the name/ Official new spinner in the roundabout lane, put a nigga name on it ain't a damn thing change, its the same got 'em spinning round/ …go another round, 'nother round/ Big fish ain't no room for you to go around/ My soul hits like Dorothy and Toto now, totally above the cost, player ring the total out/ Big Daddy riding buckets in the valley/ Wind whipping, riding top down in a caddy, gotta do it for the boss type - Money and a fatty, no study play gladiator, buddy i'm the manny - ah!/ …go another round, 'nother round/ Flow frozen and it's colder than the winters now/ Fold dollars like it's laundry that i'm tryna pile/ Gold collars with the cuff links showing out/ steady mobbin' on the track, bring a hundred out/ Bet money I'ma win it, or i double down/ Children of the corn, rappers acting corny style/ Play the stalk perforated, I'ma cut it down/ Big League never minor on the major route, take the win, take 'em out you know what the game about/ Lace shoes, see a goal I'ma run it down, sun is up, sun is down can't nobody fuck around/ [Chorus] …go another round, 'nother round/ pour another round, 'nother round/ get another round, 'nother round/ …go another round, 'nother round …go another round, 'nother round/ pour another round, 'nother round/ get another round, 'nother round/ …go another round, 'nother round Verse 2 House like Vegas, sin city tints/ No matter the outcome, House gon win/ Something like a Doctor, house goes in/ Stick around for it I can break it down again/ got 'em doing more with it, going deep each visit/ shades on the vision make it cool now i'm living - Lavish Kicking that funk by the globe - Atlas/ Best in show, big dog - thats it/ well seasoned, vet for a reason, led by none forge on tryna reach it/ finish line condo, with heavy breathing, gone with the wind i'll be back if you need it …go another round, 'nother round/ Live like i'm too high, never coming down/ No comp kinda mad that i know it now/ but still, kinda knew it when i came out/ loose cannon, hulk like bruce banner - who standing in the way - hotdamnit I'm gon slam 'em/ True magic when illusions coming at them check the score board my stats above average/ …go another round, 'nother round Put a sucker in his place - Candy shop style/ Headliner shoes you can't even strut a mile/ Prolly have a hard time tryna walk it out/ [Chorus]
Sexspionage 04:09
You see I'm in a bind because I gotta do me and its fine, but she taken and she crying saying she wanna be mine / the feelings keep mixing, she been like my addiction, I've always been her engine, she something like my piston/ I want her like she need me, and right now its discreetly, I call her and she meet me, then we do something freaky/ I keep calling her sugar, she keep calling me sweetie, her husband too controlling he can't remotely see me/ the minutes be like hours to her the seconds minutes, and when the dawn coming, is when we know to finish/ it been like this a while, we been in separate cars, sometimes we share a cab, depending where we are, man she sexy in them alleys/ her mysteries an art, I'm private with the eyes, stealth street smarts/ Ms. Down low/ Dukez of the dark / spies on a fling / sexspionage / Ring, Ring, Ring, sexual emergency / she don't wear a thing, 'cept that little piece for me - locking eyes with her/ like it was Medusa, now I'm feeling hard/ a gladiator to her/ she lead me to a room, she whisper that we safe, her body's a combination, that imma crack away, we meeting like dealers, throw away cellies,  trips outta town, mission on steady / old school magic, never needed gadgets/ no eyes looking/ ...no cameras/ don't wanna be wifed,  she need it for the cover, gotta bigger mission,  can't be with each other, still she keep returning ...and keep returning / quietly she spinning, its the spy circuit / the down low lust, pulled the mission off / just another case / sexspionage / ...when we think its time/ encoding-up-on-the-line/ no taps that we could find, said go where the sun don't shine/ its go for the boom-boom time / down low gotta hoe-type mind/ I told her the spot was fine/ I hit like a young bo-vine/ she loud from it-did no soundcheck and I didn't take the time/ when I chiropract’ then she re-act-ted like I broke her spine/ Imma wise young chap, with a spinal tap that'll make you lose-yo-mind/ but I move so well don't kiss and tell- you'll barely know of mine/ down low with the lust- I'm open enough but closed to the public interest in us-and into the stuff you into-so us- / issue is nothing to get too what up/ Playing it closer than all the above, keeping my cover and living it up, fitting her like it's a hand in a glove,  ain't no discussion or falling in love .... but I'm lovin the sex, we climbing the hills of passion/ rolling the valleys, blacking out- asking later what happened / it's a mirage hard as garages, not a menage / But it's a dark, brand new secret, sexspionage /


Paint the town with a groundbreaking new sound from Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby - and the decadence and carousal of the Roaring 20's,brought up to date for the 2020's. The Open Affairs EP is the international dynamic duo's six track precursor to this summer's LP, Gettin' Gatsby, and centers around an insatiable appetite for social observation, interaction and acceptance... and at times going overboard. Tantalizingly tight rhymes,soulfully swinging choruses, and hard-hitting drums all come together in voluptuous audio indulgence.


released March 26, 2013

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered By Andrew "Fresh Kils" Kilgour at The Kilzone, Toronto, Canada.

Lyrics written and performed by Mamudu "Mad Dukez" Kargbo.

Cuts by Uncle Fester. Horn Arrangements by Anthony Rinaldi. Alto & Tenor Sax by Anothony Rinaldi. Trumpet by Martin Matuszczak.

All songs written by Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils, except track 4 written by Relic, Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils.

Executive Producer: Tony Caferro for DTR45


all rights reserved



Mad Dukez Buffalo, New York

Do What You Want.
Say How You Feel.
Stay Awake For Your Dreams.

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