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Gettin' Gatsby

by Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils

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Uh huh- What it is, what it ain't / Cutthroat perimeter scoring in the paint/ Quick new deliverer, riding in cogs/ Shine while I hold growth like a gold vase/ Me and Fresh Kils add a little more sauce/ Roaring like the 20's it's the big dog squad/ I'ma play the Gatsby tip, Kils Wolfowitz/ Best product around, we be pushing it/ We're motivated to get it and keep flowing/ Late night, entrepreneurs we work for it/ Outlaws, looking as sharp as switchblades/ Set it all off and Kils'll regulate/ The boys bloodhounds are sniffing for any trail/ clear the whole scene with rigorous detail Barrels in a truck I move my rhymes well, its approved Kils and Dukez we raking it by the pails/ [Chorus 2x] We got it, keepin it where nobody sees/ we drop it, floodin every block on the street we got this , sip it while we rock to the beat Just remember you didn't get this for me but if you want it V2 Orders ain't a problem, Gotta be kidding now, citywide fame and the rumors have started dying down/ See my choices are bigger, imma try em out walk up in a hangar with money and bet I'm flying out/ Uh Get the news no paper route / No doubt, I gotta be strategic now/ I'm a little turned up and the product loud, And the smell of indescretion floating in a cloud - stay smart/ Get it to the buyer race on/ Minutes can equate to dollars if it takes long/ I ain't never lost a penny or escape one/ Ya heart Burns with the envy you should take tums/ Uh huh - bootleggin' heavy rhyme flow/ Operator let the line know, Kils bad, Dukez ma, hulksmash, pronto - competition name dotted up like Toronto / [Chorus] V3 Juice by the tap, I know you love that, as I'm speeding thru the lane I ain't trying to look back/ Servicing correct it's a mode to respect/ Writing off Comp same way I write checks/ Books by Dukez let the reader digest - bout killing for your dogs - suicide pets/ Ride thru on a fog - on high trip/ Outerspace business mad starship/ Flow like this hard to bottle it up/ You obligated to finish any bottle you touch/ The feeling off a sip is like you slamming the clutch, switching the gears, serving everybody plates of your dust/ And the timing'll come, when your minutes'll run, Out and finished ya done, but I stay on the one/ To the heart and the marrow, sharper than the apparel, take a sip of the finest-I'm bartending with barrels/ [Chorus]
SOOKIE SOOKIE Ugh - I - Run - game -
But - Naw, no we don't ever play
Feel this......Fast / Legends......Maps
We Make....Paths / and send you on your way
 Know you in the fray right now
Power on thru - we gon turn this out
Like a stick up hands High (high) Getcha hands high (high)
Getcha hands high (high) Getcha hands high (high) (Make 'em say...) Uggggh
This game is like a drama story 
Nathan no one fabricating bout his rhyming glory
I'm professing that I prolly had a couple in it
Hip Hop ain't complete without a rumble hitting
Gotta find the words / Scrabble the deluxe edition
Bambi bust'er load'll sex and ruin future living
Shady business keep the cover and the dollars spinning
Money make 'em hoot and holler / smiling like a gremlin
Or in christ position / basking while his shoes he flicking
Stories depicted vividly / say I have super vision
Every crew has got an overzealous fraternizer
Rap surprise 'em / expectations turn to fertilizer
Tele-spitting - better than your cables best provider
Hitter for hire - out the park off of a pitcher's slider
Voted most unexpected in the ranking cypher - Uggggh
Running game but I ain't playing Tiger

Ugh - I - Run - game -
But - Naw, no we don't ever play
Feel this......Fast / Legends......Maps
We Make....Paths / and send you on your way
 Know you in the fray right now
Power on thru - we gon turn this out
Like a stick up hands High (high) Getcha hands high (high)
Getcha hands high (high) Getcha hands high (high)

One ton size egos
Extra ordinary attitudes from simple people
My look was small like thru a peephole
These studio deebos, fronting like they kill it – homie, we know
See the pretenders playing dress up from the neck up
Terrible performers in your ear'll fuck ya head up
I check the bill before determining a setup
Gauging the explosion / I perform and never let up
My cold....... steez / 
You can't..... breathe
You fold...... please, now get ya ante up
My Lane...... strong / 
Your game….wrong
Don't play wit me, cuz you ain't built as tough
Rough and rugged from the jewel producing nugget fields
Take personas get a seat and spin like Ferris Wheels
Spin the gambit / game is handled marathon is running
Ain't no playing gunner - best to lock and load for something

Ugh - I - Run - game -
But - Naw, no we don't ever play
Feel this......Fast / Legends......Maps
We Make....Paths / and send you on your way
 Know you in the fray right now
Power on thru - we gon turn this out
Like a stick up hands High (high) Getcha hands high (high)
Getcha hands high (high) Getcha hands high (high) Ugh - I - Run - game -
But - Naw, no we don't ever play
Feel this......Fast / Legends......Maps
We Make....Paths / and send you on your way
 Know you in the fray right now….
Know you in the fray right now….

Ugh - I - Run - game -
But - Naw, no we don't ever play
Feel this......Fast / Legends......Maps
We Make....Paths / and send you on your way
 Know you in the fray right now
Power on thru - we gon turn this out
Like a stick up hands High (high) Getcha hands high (high)
Getcha hands high (high) Getcha hands high (high)
Chorus] Bread, dough, cheese, chips Dreams get sold all the time for this Treasure, tender, bucks bundle Sold out goals for your soul is the hustle Funds, loot, coin, cream Capital corruption living outta ya means With the Dollars, Duckets, wealth, cheddar, cash rules everything about me Never V1 when your passion is corrupted/ feeding all the decadence that people run wit/ skewing all your path choices -n- the views split/ more change than a toll booth might get/ see tight pockets give you focus on your ambition / loose chip make a gambler dilute his vision / i gotta know when the moves get the money spinning / why do dreams get twisted off of how ya livin/ dont know / large sums seem to cause division / solo / tight grips seem to get to slippin / let go / putting everyone against each other / oh no / its the deal and it doesn't change / you know /see the links separate fast / all because of big cash kinda just perverts paths where the purity was had / but, but, but all of this me never feel the effects but all of it surrounds me /  [Bridge] Ahha See 'em fallin as they do it / straight shooters turn crooked/ watch the nightmare get lucid / they dreams goin down, down down n theres nothin they can do then / tainted by the visions/ wrongs how their living..../ to far to go back now/ V2 Introduce dollars an I focus my aim / and everything collected i just keep it the same / They all about the bar buying tossing the change / An my opinion of it is they actions are lame / I catalog the chasing of my dreams so pure / Corruptions playin odd til i even the score / Cant understand it im oblivious tho cause with every red cent im accomplishing mo / It's sorta undermining what we doing this for / in the case that i relate to its a foot in in the door / Sure i could join the party an be trippin wit dough / But the dreams that i been havin aren't built for it tho / Moolah is elevating an riches will escalate it / Goals are then estimated  they switchin while im remaining / Blinders keepin me centered an to the finish im gaining / Mo money mo problems my currency help me make it. [Chorus] [bridge]
V1 - Mad Dukez To reflect is to really learn the concious/ A look back only pauses to be honest/ The concept of getting all this accomplished - outweighing all of the hardships that was on this- God Willing, tomorrow's never promised/ It evens out when you factor all the odds in/ The survivor- -& you can dress it up, I made it thru the thicket of noise, whatever names enough/ The acclaim growing almost something I can touch/ If you feeling like I'm feeling throw a digit up/ From the time feeling like I never built enough/ To the rise, No ceilings that I'm hearing of/ So surprised - young buck, but killing stuff/ Animal to a machine far as coming up/ elevated, escalated call it what you want/ A brighter day is what I'm searching for until I'm gone/ [Chorus] A Brighter Day- Baby we made it.... To Another....Day- Baby we made it.... To A Brighter.....Day- Baby we made it.... -Looking back I've learned from that, and I won't change it-/ V2 - BluePrint The promise of a brighter day seems so exciting/ Feel it in the air when I'm on the road driving Best believe I see the metaphor that the horizon - symbolizes - the destination that I might arrive at/ it's where my life at - - made up my mind I - in-vested my-craft and can't-get that time back/ But who need it, when you love it so much, that you dive so deep, that-you eat, sleep and drink it/ Experimental but, i got this down to a science/ I don't jump around on stage but, my shows the livest/ At a time when music fans don't buy shit, I'm even more popular and held on then MY SHIT/ Best job I ever had by a long stretch/ Per-fect my-craft from sun down to sun-set/ If you hate your job you should be up-set - but happiness is one step a-way, at ya doorstep/ [Chorus] V3 - Mad Dukez It's - A cold price for them short money fights, to managing of health, to where do we stay the night?/ We chop it up with schemers and genuine fans alike/ Keeping the consistency, wrecking it every mic/ Peppered up a style so lyrically add the spice, chefs clogging - up the kitchen and egos are outta sight - drink special for the artists/ -To ease the stress/ Keep a sunny disposition - He already blessed/ Looking back it's like a brand new sea of people per set/ what you see is what you get what is there to expect/ With every dawn approaching plan a way to progress/ I'ma make it is repeated for I lay me to rest/ See the sun on the horizon - where it reaches I press/ By the time you see the flyer I'm like guess who's next??/ Just repeat and reset - Cuz the brighter days are coming/ we aint seeing them yet - Big things slow runnings/ [Chorus]
[Chorus] 2x This is for the players/ ....the macks, this is for the ballers/ ...Big Cats, This is for the squad/ (Uncle Fester Scratches) V1 Easy to scoop, Ice Cream sugar/ My lingo spread net and took right to her/ The aim steady for you pull it no trigger/ Framing up the time held longer than a picture/ You step to her with a faint scent of liquor, debonnaire young looker trying to schedule a hookup/ Let her know how it could be before she look up/ Bring her to the heights the old never took her/ Bag chicks like a chicken coop, I got the moves - to make the most loyal chickie get loose/ Lovin my bat but she hate yo test tube, huh!/ Fall in the cooch, need search - n - rescue, huh!/ We never stall and nor do we fall, magnetic personality game sticks to all/ Bump gums and amp the place some/ Women begin swimming in panties off the tongue/ You know what happens, the magic of grabbing asses -  and she laughing, keep glancing/ Sound bumps as the broad relaxing, they all want time til their satisfaction/ They ante up and the players'll cash in/ They keeping ladies more sprung then a mattress/ So Bow down - Let the shot caller cap - Let the pimp lay game - keep it going like that / Toast to the trendsetters, circling the map - mouthpiece grab geeks and dimes its a wrap - work the mind, til you LD in her lap - hitting backfield, like LT on a sack/ And I'm running....pace two hundred - you rappers don't want none in, man it's nothing/ We on the rise with more game than Sony, cold with each cut and that's no baloney/ Better get you acquainted with how the game is/ Night caps for the chicks you're not claiming/ Let'er off of the hook with no arraignment, scouring the night to be picking up what I'll be laying in/ [Chorus]
chorus- All that money but you got no honey/ no love and the loneliest bed/ yea/ Its a decadent dilemma again then and again/ life with fast cars/ what you call a superstar/no friends but you're getting them ends/ yea/ its a decadent dilemma again then and again. Who am I/ Im the chairman of the board/great wit positionin'/ throttle the speeds on the track goin for a spin/ The simplicities are nagging at my heart strings/ got it all but I still miss the simple things/ small comforts/ I was cutting em out first/ yeah homie thats how the game works/the biz long /and pleasure was had/ but in short bursts/since the days of a lad checking my gear turns/ can't stop me/ lyrical verse proxy/searching for dime women who style is straight moxy/ a fox piece who's number game is impeccable/ with a bob or a weave/ Just be respectable/survey says with her I'm uncheckable/ poetic justice pac and Janet at level two/all the money in the world couldn't buy that/bank long asking baby where the love at? -chorus- now we car lot cruisin'/ lookin' for wheels/ the grip of the horsepower when you mashin for real/ but the two seater still lonely as hell/ you can follow the trail where the eyes have swelled/ I roll up/playeristic/stunning at best/ killin' em with the style if the car aint impress/ its all good/ but still i need a love to invest/I'm physic from 9-5/ women hard to predict/ working the angles/ rebels are rangled/ business is handled/ except for the love thing/ you suckas could hold a candle/ award cases are full so is the mantle/never needed a trophy/ but baby should be a champ though/ too up/never ever could I fall flat/ Success without a partner is a lone act/ all the money in the world couldn't buy that/bank long asking baby where the love at? -chorus- Its too sick now/ Stature on the clouds/Eligible bachelor/ brand new talk of town/twinkle like a diamond/ they wanna see em out/ Studded by his presence/watching diggers pick him out/ wealth like air sneezing in the wind/ he waited for so long now the patience getting thin/wax paper waiter/ timing every hit/ used to hit on puzzle pieces that would never fit/ buying the extravagant is something of the fix/ even though the satisfaction only short lived/thought it was the goals/money flows/more biz/finding a companion is really what his core is/ she about to be the biggest legend on the map/ bad chick/ keep me closer than her bra strap/all the money in the world couldn't buy that/ bank long asking baby where the love at? -chorus-
Valley View 03:13
Expect to see it often/ eyes watching/streets popping/ you know what the hell its gonna be/ its only getting larger/ I can see this/ just believe it/ nutty as a cookie factory/ that you see/ I've been thinking/ 'what it look like?'/ is the right type/ question you should always ask me/ that'll be/ whats happenin'/ goggles on the traffics/ seen it all/ sex drugs shootin' n scrapin'/ but its all chorus: Eyes see it all/ from the short to the tall/ civilized to the valley of ashes/never blinkin'/ just pay attention thinkin/as we watch the whole world collapsin'/I'm/ never judgin'/ the view is never budgin'/and you know that we hear its a classic/we can watch it all all/ we can see it all all/we can watch it all all/ we can see it all all She be trippin' on the late night/ Street chick/ No stage fright / prolong working on the strip/ my eyes be same way/wide out/ gettin' led out/cold stare put em on the tip/you see I'm livin' IMAX/ up close/where the wide lens/seeing good and evil, different wins/ heroes and/bad guys/ in the cross fires/movies couldn't picture how it is/ but still -chorus- Taking scenes by the day shots/ keep pourin' never miss a dot/ panoramic on the whole lot/my camera angle like god spot/under almighty given high props/for the view like a press box/ash valley/home of the fast rally/ used to be great sadly/ they weren't survival savvy/rise and the fall/added like done tallies/say i seen it all but you already know Daddy -chorus- It plays out but theres no script/real life/from the hip and never stopping all night/ city sky/ flicker like a strobe light/distinguishing the pretty women glow right/never blind to the facts/ got sight/stood tall/ billboard/ so I got height/ never ever peepin thomas call me mister eyes/seen it coming/ so forget surprise/ i seen ya -chorus-
V1: Mad Dukez Weak teams try to micromanage, but we the macro Capturin' the minutes and time without a capsule Feeling like we shine from the head but no destro Most cats dimmer and softer than love, xo Yes going from me is a good plot Straight shot up to ascension and reaching the top spot still will fresh kill it, steppin' with ghetto socks from the hood to the blocks, we crackin' em like locks whatever/ its all hot/ you can like it or not Cookin' fishy type rappers, smell like trout in a pot never acting so the cast never made up of props a lot realer than the primetime you suckas will watch but tryna king on the checkerboard then Im ridin' in I'm a young lion who's trying applied sciences spittin' like a tyrant who's silent but still stylin' it Walking fine lines of heroes who ooze vileness V2: Ghettosocks Ive been climbing up these ladders/ Jacob/  tryin' to give these lames an Axel Rose/ face lift/  going back to primary school/ basic /  just to recline and then my legs stretch out/ spacious/  no more favors/ my patience is past due/  you wanna rescue the princess well thats cute/  we Fresh Killin' the map with Mad Dukez/  cold kickin' it/ under the water like Das Boot/ Not a stranger to the ways of the world, my words true /  I wrote a poem and fed it to the whirlpool/  judging by the way that you act its all luck/  watch me drizzle on the facts like Jackson Polluck /  lacking oxygen, we're surviving the tour/  I'm rocking moccasins don't mock the flock we Idle No More/   while ya'll was piggy backing tracks like you Diddy Kong/  I'm with a feminist giggling to Lil John.\ V3: Timbuktu from the windows/ to the walls/ never ever said my team has seen it all/ but we set it off/ we got game, got it like nadal/ on some socrates/ plato/ aristotle laws/ lobbin molotovs / slaughterin' the brawl/ down with the autobots you bout to be recalled/ no apologies/ promisin' we never do no wrong/ Hippocrates, drop emcees deep in Vietnam /its a nightmare on my street/ yeah you know the song/ we got the ego, plus we read the necronomicon, Bruce banner,  Bruce Campbell fan of Genghis Khan / You parakeets can't tango, even tag along / the vagabond king cat building camelot with the grammar the syntax and the analog/ abandoning spaceships/ crash the planet rock / damage your knot/ with mad dukez/ damn we got it locked
They holla bookie,  bookie/ now I'm lookin' lookin'/numbers game' play the rates /bets cookin' cookin'/as I'm standing by the bar watching regulars come/best to tally up the count 'fore the game has begun/ know the field, and players/ and the habits of play/ got a system so consistent that it never would sway/ but as everything'll change, I adapted a way/ use the blue collar gamblers and folks everyday/ start to see a different caliber/comin' to bet with me/ they only bet the sure shots/ its unexpectedly surprisin' and getting me/ feeling so uneasy/
risin' the feeling that chance just may beat me/They eyes as cold as the cash, hits the table top/ Starin' harder than a target 'fore ya take a shot./ Bet you they believin they deal with a small fry / i get the hint they needa fall guy/ nope! - Chorus - They holla bookie, bookie / now Im lookin' lookin'/getting' nervous, how the ball game's cookin' cookin'/and the stakes hit the ceiling when the rookies bookin/every fiber of my being feels I'm gettin' took-en/What is this?/ Whats real?/ I try to separate it/ But I think you know the deal/ runnings harder than steel/ The game starts ill/ Nothing follows a pattern/ No one playin' the same/ Making me ask what happened and bigger players is snapping / Money is such a factor/ They lookin' for me and rewarding killers for capture./ all from a bet they placing/  and tension increasing after/all of my hunches right/ I say/ Dammit its a disaster!/ no where that I can turn/ fears fillin' my eyes/ knew that somethin' was up so I'm really not to surprised/ soaring top of my trade till they target me out the sky/ damn, i think they found they fall guy/ nope -Chorus
Living majestically, clean you could never mess with me/ being to reach the best of being/ homie, thats gatsby!/ Stay winning and shinin' the fine linens/ and getting its a given when you living like that G/ Fast scenes, pretty women, live scenes/ Yeah, we did it game quicker/ kept it running more then track teams/ life of luxury/ the example of what to be/making it where I ought to be/ Now that's gatsby! We all know life is a gamble/ I manage what I handle/and saddle the bull / These bullies couldn't even hold the candle/ doin the duty movin/ Mover who cold as coolant/ Frozen cause Im processin' every lesson that I'm moving/ Steer to successes/ Even when Im seemin dead in water/ Its a depressant but it effervesces movin' forward/ huh, you want the truest word, homie?/ Go and pour it first/ Keep it real until it hurts/ daily/ I got the new diverse/ never screw the pooch a purse/ purifying every verse/ Lyrically blazing/ Staying diligent/ No matter habadashery/ Whatever fuckery/ my coalition's like a calvary/ I spit the gift of gabbing, grabbing every rhyme I'm adding/ killing every thought with passion/ drilling it inside your cabbage/You dealin' with the baddest verbalizer thats seen/bootlegging, rhyme-tending, getting gatsby (chorus) Now as I go comparin' of life to the rich and famous/ time to get reacquainted/ reasons to why you came in/ struggle but steady gainin'/ Hustle for better days then off all the work is paying'/ I'm switchin' it up, just playin/ Get your finer things/ Jewelry as big as ice rinks/Talkin' of the hot events over chill drinks/ a conjoined network, life long links/ My rhyme dawn do the dishes and they all sink/ The carpeting is redder/ wherever we seem to ride/ like saying bout the grass/ greener depending sides./ It seems upon the path that destiny really climbs/ presence and state of mind for reaching a richer time/but Whatever, its stronger beyond your measure in it/ to go against the pressure/ I did it, and see I'm better wit' it/ pullin rank on you fronters and wanna be lil' busters/ decadent dilemma, Im stylin' on younger brothers. -chorus-


released July 16, 2013

All lyrics written and performed by Mad Dukez (M. Kargbo)
All tracks recorded, engineered and mastered by Fresh Kils (A. Kilgour) at the Kilzone, Toronto Ontario.
Track 4 Co-written by Blueprint (A. Shepard)
Track 8 Co-Written by Ghettosocks (D. Pyper) and Timbuktu (T. Wallace)
All scratches by Uncle Fester of The Extremities
Horn arrangements by Anthony Rinaldi
Saxophone by Anthony Rinaldi
Trumpet by Martin Matuszczak
Narration by Stephanie Courtney
Cover Art, Design and Layout by Edreys Wajed
Executive Producer: Tony Caferro


all rights reserved



Mad Dukez Buffalo, New York

Do What You Want.
Say How You Feel.
Stay Awake For Your Dreams.

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